Equity & Cultural Justice

At HTI Catalysts, we employ a responsive, multi-level approach grounded in the HTI Advancing Equity Framework (see below).  Our approach allows us to share promising practices honed over our years of experience doing this work while also meeting the unique strategic needs of our clients and partners. We support the in-depth work that is necessary for organizations and their teams to truly live out their commitments to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusiveness. Primary elements of our approach include: 


Grounding in the HTI Advancing Equity Framework

Our HTI Advancing Equity Framework shows, in broad strokes, the way that we help organizations and individuals move through diversity, equity, and inclusion work in a way that engages, empowers, and transforms.



  • We abide by a group of core principles in our training model.
  • We engage in multi-modal methods and interact with our participants.
  • We believe having fun is energizing for everyone.
  • We are purposeful and fresh in our approach.
  • We inspire positive change in people and organizations.
  • Our practices and content are evidence-based.