Patrice Holt

Catalyst, Founding Director of Start2Soar


Patrice Holt considers herself a flame starter in the business of sparking the greatness within youth development professionals and the youth they serve.  With over 15 years of experience, Patrice uses youth development best practices, practical experience, and feedback from stakeholders to develop youth programs, increase program quality, and help create fresh resources for new professionals.  She has a passion for coaching the new generation of youth development leaders that will advance the movement for more positive IMPACT on children and youth.  

Patrice is the founding director of Start2Soar, LLC whose purpose is to create a network of adults that are dedicated to becoming champions of youth. She was recently awarded the inaugural Leadership Award at the 2018 Georgia After-school and Youth Development Conference due to success in leading an organization through their restructuring.  Patrice currently serves as a Technical Assistance Coach through the Georgia Statewide After-school Network and served a presenter for the Bridge Conference in Seattle, Washington during the fall of 2019. 

Over Patrice’s career she has been instrumental in supporting organizations with implementing turn around strategies that create substantive positive change for youth.  Patrice’s leadership has led to an increase in graduation rates for organizations and sustained high academic achievement for youth in those programs. Additionally, Patrice has served as the lead liaison for several special projects and pilots for Boys & Girls Clubs of America, throughout her career.  

She enjoys volunteering, reading novels, and traveling. Patrice lives in metro Atlanta with her husband, AJ.